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10 August 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Heroine Big Bang mix - Here I Dreamt I Was A Soldier  

Here I Dreamt I Was A Soldier

a fanmix for sugar_fey's Heroine Big Bang fic


Notes: I was very excited to create a mix for this wonderful story. I knew as soon as I read the summary that it was going to be spectacular, and sugar_fey does not disappoint. It was a joy to mix for this story and I highly recommend it, regardless of whether you are familiar with the Bletchley Park or not.

i. typewriter — sound effect

ii. heroes & thieves — vanessa carlton
Well, disaster it strikes on a daily basis
And I'm looking for wisdom in all the wrong places
But still wanna laugh in disappointed faces
And you can't help me

iii. king of anything (strings version) — sara bareilles
I'm not the one who's lost
With no direction oh
But you'll never see

iv. little light — rachel platten
Cause everybody needs a harbor in the tempest
A reason to believe you're more than what you have
Even more than what you had
Cause all of this will pass...

v. pretty down to your bones — the hush sound
You are pretty down to your bones
You are ivory and wire and pearls
I will kiss and kiss and kiss your skin
Beg for you to let me in
But oh, sometimes it hurts
You pluck my nerves

vi. look up — stars
You're cold, maybe you just missed the sun
You fall, feeling like its just begun
So far, keeping it together's been enough
Look up, rain is falling, looks like love
Your boy is like a memory
Some sense of touch and a melody
Your girl, she's a renegade

vii. lay your head down — keren ann
It seems like every story told about us
Isn't meant to be
We fly on wings of gold all the way back home to me
But what I'm thinking of just this time
Why don't you lay your head down in my arms? In my arms
Lay your head down in my arms, in my arms

viii. king of wishful thinking — karmin
I refuse to give into my blues
That's not how its gonna be
And I deny the tears in my eyes
I don't wanna let you see, no

ix. never alone — winterpark
(time heals, time wants you to be free.
time heals, if you want it to)

x. starting over — the dollyrots
Please don’t raise any suspicion
You’ll jeopardize the mission
We might as well go home
Step way back into the darkness
Behind the glowing spotlights
And now we’re on our own
And you keep Standing on your ground
And I’ll keep Us from falling down

xi. wish i stayed — ellie goulding
Patterns all arranged in my background,
It's pillars and posts keeping this country on form.
Letters were all sent with no addresses so that people can't discover.
We're always undercover.
Why do I always draw triangles instead of words this paper so deserves?
'Cause you see,
I don't own my clothes but I own my mind,
And it's not what you've lost,
But it's what you find.

xii. lean — oh land
Did you lie for me
To keep me safe
Did you bare with me
When I misbehaved
Far from here could you feel my fear
When the lights died out
And they turned to the gray side
Did you lie for me
To keep me safe
Now you're out on the bottomless sea
So it's time for you to lean on me
Lean on me

xiii. i found a reason — cat power
Oh I do believe
In all the things you see
What comes is better
Than what came before
And you better come come
come come to me
Better come come come come come to me
Better run run run run run to me
Better come

xiv. after the bombs — the decembrists
And after the bombs subside
And this long, low campaign
Calls it good for the night
We meet in the streets
Will we meet in the bar's cold light?
We grip at our hands
We hold just a little tight

xv. cut, print...moving on — cast of smash
We told the same jokes
We breathed the same air
We couldn't tell night from day
But just like the end of a love affair
We all know the time comes to break away
Last year, we all were strangers
This year, we're lifelong friends
I know that this location
Is not where our story ends
Get up cause the rat race never ends
This life is a marathon
And I plan to run so much more than a sprint
What's next? Well, I can't even give you a hint
sugar_fey: avengers: epic flailsugar_fey on August 14th, 2013 09:20 pm (UTC)
Hey! I'm so excited about this. :D

Just wanted to let you know, I'm getting a File Not Found message when I click the download link.
it's like a heavy shirt...emmypenny on August 14th, 2013 09:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it's been fixed!
nessataleweavernessataleweaver on August 17th, 2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
this sounds really great! downloading as we speak (so to speak)
'Scuse the discombobulation. Still adjusting to switching hemispheres.