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16 August 1989
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Hi, I'm Megan. I live in Houston, Texas, with my family and our pets (four cats, two betta fish, and one guppy). I work vaguely in real estate, helping to sell houses I can't afford. When I'm not sitting in my office making faces at my walls, I usually spend my time crying over fictional characters. For more information on me, check out the top post in my LJ or this post on tumblr


Fandoms I'm active in: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS/AOS, DC comics + cartoons (DCAU, YJ, GLTAS), Marvel comics + other media, Sailor Moon

Fandoms I'm familiar with: (but not necessarily active in) Star Trek (TNG/DS9/VOY), Merlin, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Elementary, Once Upon a Time, Dance Academy, Better Off Ted, Psych

Fandoms I don't touch anymore: BBC Sherlock, X-Men: First Class

This is definitely not an exhaustive list.

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